Disclaimer – European-American University has not authorized any convocation in Benin

It has recently been drawn to the attention of the University that an announcement has appeared in the national press in Nigeria alleging that a convocation of the University was to take place on 30 June in Benin. This announcement is false and was made without the knowledge or consent of the University. The University has not authorized any convocation to take place on this date or in Benin at any point.

The name of Accolade Communications Ltd. has been associated with this announcement. Accolade Communications Ltd. is not an authorized partner institution of this University and has no authority to prepare or present persons for degrees of this University. Its only relationship with the University was formerly as a printer of the University’s convocation brochures.

The public is reminded that all authorized partner institutions of the University are listed on this website. No institution that is not so listed is currently authorized to prepare students for degrees of this University. Furthermore, all graduates from Africa are listed on this website with their degrees and dates of award. Any person not so listed is not a graduate of this University and any documentation that may pretend otherwise is spurious.