Olaonipekun Kashimawo Sulaimon

Professor Olaonipekun Kashimawo Sulaimon is currently Director and Faculty Team Leader of Abeokuta Business Training Consultative Centre, Ghana. Previously, he was Executive Director of Fountain Professional Education Institute (2011-14), an International Partner campus of the University. His past academic career has included lecturing at Yewa Central College of Education (2007-10) and Loral International College, Lagos (2000-02) as well as heading the Cambridge International Children School, Ifo (2002-07).

Having obtained the Nigeria Certificate in Education, he was then educated at the University of Lagos, where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He proceeded to an MSc in Educational Administration and Planning at the National Open University, Nigeria, in 2010 and then to a PhD in the Economics of Education at European-American University, subsequently ratified by the Western Orthodox University on the merger of the two universities.