European-American University (EAU) is an independent online global university without walls and international non-governmental organization that exists to serve the world citizen through highly innovative and individualized educational programmes. Structured to meet the needs of the Information Age, the University acts as a holistic academy wherein constituent divisions and diverse assessment styles are effectively blended to create a flexible centre of academic excellence with the learner at the heart.

With considerable expertise at its disposal, today European-American University brings together the best of the European and American educational traditions. As a sustainable institution strongly committed to the advancement of the human condition, the University delivers its programmes using highly flexible academic methods anchored firmly in historic and legal precedent. Two main modes of study are available. Distance learning programmes use the approach of mentored study and require no residency whatsoever. In addition, the University has a network of over twenty affiliated partner campuses offering residential and mixed-mode study options leading to EAU awards throughout Africa and in Asia.

As a private, non-traditional institution the University’s outlook is radically different from that of many mainstream universities. Its individualized model of education is based on real-world values that are directly relevant to your life and aspirations, creating a uniquely forward-looking profile within contemporary higher education.

The University is particularly suited to accommodating the mature, experienced mid-career or retired adult candidate who is seeking to capitalize on their professional competencies in order to gain an academic qualification. You may be returning to study after some time away, or continuing your education for professional and personal benefit. Either way, you will find us efficient, direct and with the necessary expertise to help you achieve your goals. You can start and finish at any time of the year, working at your own pace and with no unnecessary bureaucracy.

European-American University holds a Royal Charter of Incorporation from the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, one of the constituent kingdoms of Uganda, and is under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Omukama (King) of Bunyoro-Kitara. The University is also incorporated as a private international university in the Republic of Panama.

Degree Programmes Available

The University awards degrees at Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctor levels, in a wide variety of fields with particular strengths in business (including marketing, human resources, entrepreneurism and project management), and the humanities. It uses uniquely individualized learning methodologies that empower and honour students as the centre of their learning processes, and does not place artificial barriers in the way of the assessment of learning. This allows the student to determine the nature and context of learning experiences that can count for degree assessment. The available learning modes include Oxbridge tutorial-style mentored taught coursework programmes, as well as assessment by portfolio of prior experiential learning, dissertation, independent mentored study, and self-designed programmes offering a combination of assessment styles. Flexible classroom-based study is also on offer via our affiliated partner campuses.

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Learn while you earn

We believe that you learn best when you’re working as well. Our programme is designed so that you can use what you learn at work and design the programme around your working environment. You stay in your job, you continue earning and you apply what you have learned through the programme directly. As a result, you’ll often complete the programme more quickly than in traditional institutions.

Earn credit for what you know

We privilege your existing learning. You can transfer in previous university-level courses and certain other types of evidenced prior learning to the programme. This can often reduce the requirements of a degree programme very considerably, and for the highly experienced individual, may fulfil them entirely.

You’re in control

We’re here to guide and support, not impose or impede. You are in the driving seat; we’re there to help. You can design your programme individually, decide on its resources, implement and analyse it. We may suggest a structure (and indeed offer the option of more “traditional” taught programmes) but we are open to all reasonable alternatives that are compatible with good academic practice.

Individualized tuition and support

In our distance learning programmes, we use the approach of mentored study: one student, one teacher – the oldest academic system known to mankind, and one that is only otherwise available at the most expensive and exclusive universities. There is no system of compulsory group participation or assessment because the programme is tailored directly to you as an individual.