Royal Charter, Ordinances, Regulations and Guides

The governing instrument of European-American University is its Royal Charter of Incorporation. The Ordinances of the University are passed by Council (with Senate approval where necessary) to address particular issues of administrative governance or discipline with regard to its quotidian operations. The Ordinances should also be interpreted in line with any Regulations that may from time to time be approved by the Senate. The current Ordinances and Regulations will be found below, together with the Guides promulgated by the University for students and mentors respectively.

Prior to the grant of European-American University’s Royal Charter in 2012, the University operated on the basis of corporate authority from the Commonwealth of Dominica. The University maintained a supplementary incorporation in Dominica until 2019, when it was incorporated as an international private university in Panama, which continued as a supplementary incorporation until 2023.

Royal Charter, Ordinances and Regulations

Royal Charter of Incorporation of European-American University


Preamble to the Ordinances of the University
Ordinance A: Organisation of the University
Ordinance B: The Seal of the University
Ordinance C. Degrees
Ordinance D: Fellowship of the University
Ordinance E: European-American University Press


Chapter 1: Research Degrees
Chapter 2: Guidelines for Dissertation and Thesis Preparation
Chapter 3: Research Degrees by Published Work
Chapter 4: Student Malpractice
Chapter 5: Grading System
Chapter 6: Academical Dress
Chapter 7: The Students’ Union
Chapter 8: Student Charter
Chapter 9: Quality Assurance
Chapter 10: Media Policy
Chapter 11: Privacy Policy
Chapter 12: Data Protection Policy
Chapter 13: Terms and Conditions
Chapter 14: Legal Information


Student’s Guide
Mentor’s Guide