University central administration

Please direct all enquiries to the University administration using the following email address:

African administration

For enquiries from Africa, the email address for the African administration is:

Please note that the University does not respond to anonymous or pseudonymous  communications. Any enquiry should include your full name and country of residence.

Please note that we do not send prospectuses or course information by postal mail due to the costs involved. All information is contained on this website which is regularly updated.

We ask that enquirers contact us via email since this is the easiest means by which we can reply quickly and since it provides us with a reliable record of each enquiry.

The contact details of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom are as follows:

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom
Rukurato Road, P.O.Box 8, Hoima, Uganda
Tel: +256 (0) 772-496788 / +256 (0) 794-853757

Please note that postal mail is slow and unreliable in Hoima and the majority of communications are now undertaken electronically for that reason.

In Panama, the University may be contacted via its lawyers:

Mata and Pitti, Attorneys-at-law,
Ricardo Arias Street, Advanced Tower, 1st Floor
Panama City,  Republic of Panama
PO Box: 0823-01310 Republic of Panama