Master’s degrees

The master’s degree (UNESCO ISCED level 7) is a postgraduate award that signifies mastery of a broad subject area or specialized aspect thereof, demonstrating a high level of critical and analytical ability, without necessarily requiring the original contribution to the subject which is expected at the doctoral level. The master’s degree generally represents a minimum of thirty semester credit hours and occupies a minimum of one year of full-time postgraduate study (or part-time equivalent) above the bachelor’s degree. In some cases it can be split into a two year programme whereby the first year consists of a Postgraduate Diploma and the second year is taken up by the Master’s degree itself.

European-American University offers multiple options to earn a master’s degree. All such options can be completed fully by self-paced distance learning, with no physical attendance required for supervision or assessment.

The master’s degrees offered by European-American University include the Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Master of Music (M.Mus.) The degrees of Master of Research (M.Res.) and the higher master’s degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) can be earned via submission of a research dissertation. In religious disciplines, European-American University and Theological Seminary also awards the Master of Theology (M.Th.) and Master of Sacred Music (M.S.M.) degrees, and may be an awarding body for the Master of Music, Master of Education, and Master of Philosophy degrees where these have a sufficient religious component.

For entry to a master’s degree programme a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification is a usual requirement. Candidates with previous academic awards such as a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma can reduce the requirements to earn a master’s degree via Accreditation of Prior Learning and Experience (APL/APEL).