Agus Susanto Tan

tanProfessor Tan is Managing Director of Information Technology & Business Campus (IT&B) in Medan, Indonesia as well as being Regional Director of the Indonesia Arithmetics Foundation. His past experience includes twelve years as Managing Director of Best Language School and Sales Manager of Allianz among other positions in business.

Extensively educated, Professor Tan earned a Bachelor of Laws degree and Candidate Notary designation from the University of Sumatra, following this with a Master of Management from the Universiti Surapati and IMNI, an MBA from the European Business School and  Master and Fellow awards of OXCEL, the Oxford Centre for Leadership (for which he served as representative for some years). In 2009 he completed his Master Notary designation (MKN) from the University of Sumatra, and in 2010 his DBA degree at European-American University. 2011 saw him complete a further doctorate at the Universitas Pasundan.

His organisational service includes serving as Secretary of Communication Support of Medan Region Police and Medan Military Region of North Sumatra. He is also head of the Law Department of Tio Ciu Society. In 2005 he was Vice-Chairman of the Indonesian Chinese Association, and in 2002 Chairman of the Buddhist Association of the University of North Sumatra.