Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas di Castel di Ripa

lucaProfessor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas di Castel di Ripa, known as a Writer shortly as Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas (born in Rome, Italy the 30 August of 1966), is Italian but with a very ancient and noble Scottish ancestry. He was educated at the 1st State University of Rome, the Università degli Studi di Roma  “La Sapienza” where he earned, care of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and Surgery a Master’s degree in Clinical Bioethics “Summa/Maxima Cum Laude”. He went on to earn a second Master’s-level degree at the same University, 2nd Fac. of Med. and Surg., in “Defense from Weapons Nuclear, Radiological Biological and Chemical” (108/110) and to complete a Doctorate there in Modern Letters with a major in History and Religions (104/110). He went on to earn a Post Lauream/Post Degree Diploma (short specialization of 1 year) at the Course of  Multidisciplinary Specialization in “Protection and Promotion of Human Rights”, by the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”  (State University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), Faculty of Jurisprudence, Chair of Philosophy of Jurisprudence, together the C.E.U. (Centro Studi per l’Evoluzione Umana – Centre/Center for the Studies on the Human Evolution). He went on to earn as well: Post Lauream Diploma of Specialization in “Contemporary Italian Language” c/o State University for Foreign Student of Perugia/ Università Italiana per Stranieri di Perugia. Diploma of Merit at the Special Course in Initiation (beginner course) to the Christian Antiquities by Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology” (Pontificium Istitutum Archeologiæ Cristianæ) of Rome. Diploma in Psychotherapy by Associated Stress Consultants (Great Britain/United Kingdom). He has undertaken many other university courses and has earned a number of degrees in the area of Alternative, Complementary, Traditional, Non Conventional Medicines in India and elsewhere.

Professor Emeritus in Biomedical Ethics c/o “A.S.A.M. University”. Professor honoris causa in Bioethics c/o  “The Constantinian University”, Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.A. Professor honoris causa in Alternative and Complementary Medicine c/o “The Frederick II University affiliated to  “The Constantinian University”), Cranston, State of Rhode Island, U.S.A. Professor Emeritus in Bioethics and Professor Emeritus of Methodologies of Theory concerning Acupuncture and Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine c/o  “Libera Università Leonardo da Vinci” (Free University Leonardo da Vinci), Rome, Italy. Professor of Massage and Physiotherapy, Professor of Bioethics and Human Rights c/o “The International University Saadaud” of Mogadishu, Somalia. Professor of Bioethics and Human Rights and Clinical Bioethics with a major in Complementary Medicines, Associate Professor in Police Science c/o “Ruggero II University” (Florida, The Gambia). Professor h.c. in the Conservatory of Music of the University “Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua” (U.P.O.L.I.), Managua (Nicaragua). Professor h.c. in Sociology c/o “International University Nicolas Doubrova“ of Santiago del Chile (Chile). Honorary Advisory Professor and “Distinguished Honorary Fellow” by “Australian-Asian Institute of Civil Leadership” – Australia. Professor of the  J. S. Bach Academy of Music, Arts, Letters and Sciences (Australia). Professor of Cultural Mediation by “University and College of Saint Peter & Saint Paul” (University associated to the St. Thomas-a-Becket University, England). Professor honoris causa in Social Science by the State University Université de Bouaké” (now Université Alassane Outtara), Ministére de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Récherche Scientifique – République de Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Master Diploma in Oriental Massages (by the most important Non profit making Company of Sports Promotion of the Italian National Olympic Committee), the C.S.E.N. (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale – National Educative Sport’s Center/Centre). Master of Self Defense. During 2005 he taught as Professor on Contract in Clinical Bioethics (Buddhism and Bioethics) at the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, and since 2015 he has been a Full Professor in Cultural Anthropology and History of Religions at the Università Popolare degli Studi di Milano. He has often been a lecturer and participant at academic conferences.  He has also taught as Professor for the Italian Ministry of Defence, Italian Army in the fields of: Religious Terrorism, Defense from Nuclear Radiological Biological and Chemical Weapons, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

In 2018 he was awarded a Dottore di Ricerca/Ph.D. (Soc. Psy.) – Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology with a major in Psychology by the “Università Popolare degli Studi di Milano” (established 1901) with the final mark of “110 e Lode” (Magna cum laude, with Honors, First Class with Distinctions, Full Marks with Honors), Thesis: “Il Male in nome di Dio: fanatismo, integralismo, fondamentalismo e terrorismo nella Religione” (The Evil in the name of God: fanaticism, integralism, fundamentalism and terrorism in Religion, 786 pages, two tomes/volumes).

He established a Not for Profit Popular University and Centers/Centres of Bioethics and Human and Animal Rights, the Permanent Show of the Artistic Works of the Maestro/Master Maria Luisa Crocione (qualified Elementary School Teacher and, afterwards Professor of Fine Arts graduated Master of Fine Arts, major in Decoration in the State Academy of Fine Arts of Rome/Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Academic Year 1951-1952 – she was the beloved Student of the Great Professors Ferruccio Ferrazzi, Mino Maccari, Anna Salvatori, Mario Rivosecchi – and the (Public) Library (Biblioteca) “Pietro Paolo Scotto di Tella – Maria Luisa Crocione”, dedicated to His Own Beloved Parents. The Permanent Show of the Artistic Works of  the Prof. Maria Luisa Crocione and the Library dedicated to the Professors Pietro Paolo Scotto di Tella and Maria Luisa Crocione, are located in the Region Umbria, close to the border with Region Tuscania, in the historical City named “Città di Castello”, in the Province of Perugia, inside the historical Church of Via del Popolo, Headquarters of the most ancient Christian Brotherhood/Confraternity named “Ordine della Venerabile Confraternita di Maria Santissima del Buon Consiglio, Portatori dei Morti, Disciplinati per l’Eternità, dei Battuti di San Paolo al Macello e alle Carceri di Santa  Maria del Popolo”, with the most ancient roots before the Year 1000 Anno Domini (998), and with the current form dated 1230 (and having a Fresco, a Mural painting, of the same age, reproducing the Madonna/Holy Virgin Mother of God with the Baby Jesus. The Church has had its current appearance since 1558 but with  the Sacristy built on the Chapel of the Santissima Annunziata/Most Holy Annunciation, a little Church reserved to the persons sentenced to Death, of 1300.

His book publications are normally interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary; they are extensive and deal with aspects of History, Anthropology, Sociology, Heraldry, Chivalric Orders, Nobility and Genealogy as well as with Alternative and Complementary and Integrated Medicines, the History of Medicine, Buddhism, Human Rights, Animals Rights, Bioethics. A list of some of his current books in print can be found at the following links:\ICCU\RMLV\073876

Here are visible also the Publications published independently:\ICCU\RMLV\073876*&searchType=0&recCount=25&sk=en_US

(New York Public Library)   Collection:Schwarzman Building – Service Desk Rm 217

The Encyclopedia of the Non Conventional Medicines is as well in this prominent international renowed Library: National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 U.S.A..

The same Encyclopedia is in Switzerland in this Library “Biblioteca Cantonale di Locarno – Sbt”,

Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas, Luca; Colleoni, Aldo: Enciclopedia delle Medicine Non Convenzionali: 50 Medicine Tradizionali (Etnomedicine) in breve ((610) Medicina) Segn.: 61(03)

He published in Portuguese a book, with Prof. Dr. David Caparelli and Dr. Aleks Mijic Estevam regarding Numerology, named “Esoterismo dos Números” (Esoterism of the Numbers), pages 221, Brasil, 2010, Middle Size (140x210mm), 311 grams (here available:–A_Origem_Dos_Numeros_E_Seu_Significado). See also:

The same text/book was already translated/converted in Spanish under the name “Esoterismo de los numeros”.

Before he has written, with  the Friend Prof. Dr. Aldo Colleoni, with the Publishing House of the City of Trieste named Edizioni Italo Svevo, one book on Human Rights, named “Il Velo, la donna ed i Diritti Umani” (The Veil, the Woman and the Human Rights), (Preface of Aldo Colleoni; it will be enlarged, review in the new book named “La Donna Velata ovvero il Velo, la Donna ed i Diritti Umani” (The Veiled Woman, in other words the Veil, the Woman and the Human Rights), Goliardica Editrice, Trieste, 2013, ISBN 9788888745459;), Edizioni Italo Svevo, Trieste, 2012, ISBN 886268328-9, and many medical-scientifical books, one on Kaposi’s Sarcoma (after enlarged on the big book dedicated to all the Sarcomas), named “Il Sarcoma di Kaposi: Terapie Non Convenzionali e Convenzionali” (Kaposi’s Sarcoma: Conventional and Non Conventional Therapies”),  Edizioni Italo Svevo, Trieste, 2013, ISBN 886268336-4; about the other three, one is named “Le Altre Medicine: alcune Medicine e Terapie Non Convenzionali in breve: Omeopatia, Riflessologie, Auricoloterapia, Musicoterapia, Aromaterapia, Spiritual Healing, Terapie di Visualizzazioni, Ipnositerapia, Therapeutic Touch, Fiori di Bach, Pranoterapia, Reiki, Tai Ch’i Ch’üan, Meditazione, Pranayama, Yoga, Ch’i Kung, Fitoterapia” (The Other Medicines: some Non Conventional Medicines and Therapies in brief/short: Homeopathy, Reflexologies, Auricolotherapy/Ear Reflex Therapy, Music Therapy, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Healing, Therapies by Visualisations , Hypnosis-Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Bach Flowers, Pranotherapy, Reiki, Tai Ch’i Ch’üan, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga, Ch’i Kung, Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine, pages 680, 1st Edition, Trieste, 2013, ISBN 886268334-0. Another is “Etnomedicine –  13 gioielli della Medicina Non Convenzionale in breve:  la Medicina Tradizionale Cinese, la Medicina Tradizionale Indiana Ayurvedica,  la Medicina Tradizionale  Indiana Siddha, la Medicina Tradizionale Indiana Unani-Tibb (Greco-Araba), la Medicina Tradizionale Tibetana, la Medicina Tradizionale Mongola, la Medicina Tradizionale Uygur, la Medicina Tradizionale Tailandese, la Medicina Tradizionale Coreana, la Medicina Tradizionale Vietnamita, la Medicina Tradizionale Indonesiana-Malese Jamu, Medicina Tradizionale Giapponese Kampō, la Medicina Tradizionale Africana” – “Ethnomedicines/Ethnic Medicines; 13 Jewels of the Non Conventional Medicine in brief/short: the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, the Traditional Indian Siddha Medicine, the Traditional Indian Unani-Tibb Medicine (Greek-Arab), the Traditional Tibetan Medicine, the Traditional Mongol Medicine, the Traditional Uygur Medicine the Traditional Thai Medicine, the Traditional Korean Medicine, the Traditional Vietnamese Medicine,  the Traditional Indonesian-Malaysian Jamu Medicine, the Traditional Japanese Kampō, the Traditional African Medicine, Edizioni Italo Svevo, Trieste, 2013, ISBN 886268333-3.

Doctor Bee, la Medicina delle Api” (Doctor Bee, the Medicine of the Bees), Edizioni Italo Svevo, Trieste, 2013, ISBN 886268335-7. It will be revised and enlarged in the new book named “Apiterapia, la Medicina delle Api” (Apitherapy, the Medicine of the Bees), Goliardica Editrice, Trieste, 2014, ISBN 978888874551