Maiga Diambedou

Professor Maiga Diambedou (b. 1943) was educated at the University of Leipzig, Germany, between 1963 and 1978. Here he earned his Reifeprüfung (1967), BSc degree specializing in agronomic sciences (1972) and then his PhD in plant pathology, entomology of crop-eating pests, microbiology and applied biology (1978). Between 1967-69 he also attended the higher engineering school in Saale where he obtained the Higher Technician Diploma after study in agrochemistry and phytology.

Having worked as an assistant at the University of Leipzig, in 1978 he moved to the National Centre for Agricultural Research, Tarna/Maradi, Niger, where he remained for the next decade, undertaking a range of research and teaching activities.

His research interests have centred on entomology, particularly of crop pests of cowpeas, sorghum and millet. He was closely involved with the preservation, conservation, and management of the national entomological collection of Tarna/Maradi comprising more than 3000 insects from Niger.