Preamble to the Ordinances of the University

1. Definitions

In these Ordinances:-

“University” means European-American University, incorporated under a Royal Charter of Incorporation from the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, authorized by the Statutes of the State of Florida, USA (as European-American University and Theological Seminary) and additionally by the statutes of several other states of the USA, and registered in France (as Ecole Supérieure Euro-Américaine).

References to the “Royal Charter”, “Executive Council”, “Court”, “Academic Council”, “Senate”, “Academic Assembly” and all other references to committees, faculties, departments, and consultative groups, shall be construed as though the words “of European-American University” were added in each case.

“Academic staff” means such persons whether employees of the University or self-employed contractors to the University who hold the title of Dean, Head of Department, and Professor within the University, along with any other teaching officer of the University.

“Non-academic staff” and “Administrative staff” mean such persons whether employees of the University or self-employed contractors to the University as do not fall within the definition of “Academic staff”.

“Employee of the University” means any person holding a written contract of service with the University.

“Self-employed contractor to the University” means any person not being an employee of the University who provides academic or other services to the University.

“Graduates” means persons to whom Degrees of the University have been granted.

“Member of the University” shall have the meaning as set out in Ordinance A.

“Officers” means the Chancellor, all holders of paid offices in the University, and all holders of unpaid offices in the University established pursuant to the Royal Charter and these Ordinances.

“Registered graduates” means persons who for the time being appear on the University’s “Register of Graduates of European-American University.”

“Students” means persons pursuing any course of study or assessment  in the University for which a fee is payable to the University and which leads to a Degree, Diploma, Certificate or other academic distinction of the University (other than officers of the University and persons who are students of an institution associated with the University), together with such other persons pursuing courses of study or assessment in the University as the Senate may from time to time determine.

Words in the singular shall include the plural and words in the plural shall include the singular.