High School Diploma

The University offers the option for adults to certify their learning through professional experience for the University’s High School Diploma. This option is available to adults who have not graduated from high school but have nevertheless obtained a record of achievement in a professional context that is at least equivalent to that of a high school graduate.

The University admits a wide range of assessment methods to this program. The candidate may opt to submit the test results of a number of external bodies that offer high school equivalent or General Equivalency Development examinations and assessments, or the results of examinations at college level towards a degree or sub-degree award. They may submit a portfolio of written assignments for assessment by the University. Alternatively, they may submit a portfolio of professional achievement for University assessment using the APEL methodology. Lastly, they may combine any or all of these routes.

Full credit is given for applicants who have undertaken military service.

The fee for this program is US$600 which includes air mail delivery of the diploma for successful candidates. The University does not issue a transcript except where the award has been gained by University assessment of written work (with or without other methodologies).