Certificate in Relational/Existential Approach to Autism

This programme offered via distance mentorship is focused on autistic empowerment and being able to develop an understanding of autism as a difference rather than a defect and learning to incorporate an approach based on relationship and forging emotional connections. The strengths of persons in the autism spectrum will be explored and the encouragement of self advocacy and dignified and respectful supports to help the person navigate through the mainstream. Students will make use of BEING AUTISTIC: AN APPROACH TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE and will have direct guidance and exercises in being able to incorporate the principles contained therein.

Further details of the programme, which is designed to be completed over sixteen weeks of part-time study, can be obtained from the Director of Studies, Dr Dan L. Edmunds.

Key text:

Edmunds, Dan. (2011). Being autistic: An approach towards understanding and acceptance. Raleigh. Lulu.