Photographs from the September 2023 West African Convocation

The September 2023 Convocation of the University for West Africa commemorated the University’s twentieth anniversary, notably with a splendid birthday cake. Organized by Professor Luke Okojie, the Convocation continued the University’s long tradition of honouring African men and women of achievement, with a number of distinguished persons receiving honorary doctorates.

Disclaimer: The University has no relationship with Prof. Otor E. John, Icon Africa Media and Covenant Seed International Agency and Partners



European-American University has no relationship whatsoever with the persons and institutions listed above and has been reliably informed that these parties are using the name of the University fraudulently. The public is warned to avoid any fraudulent offers that may be made by these parties misusing the name of the University.

A list of authorized International Partners of the University may be found at this page. In addition, all graduates and honorands of the University are listed on the online Register of Graduates on this website that can be consulted here. In respect of graduates and honorands from West Africa, any person whose name does not appear on the Register of Graduates is not a graduate of European-American University.

The University recommends that any person who has been approached with any unauthorized offer involving the name of the University from the parties named above should report the matter to the local police for investigation.

Disclaimer – The University has no relationship with “Zion Theological College and Seminary”

The University wishes to make known that it has terminated its agreement entered into on 28 July 2023 with the entity called “Zion Theological College and Seminary” having address at No 1 Cherryfield Close, LEA PRIMARY SCHOOL, Jikwoyi Phase 1, Abuja-FCT Nigeria, whose principals are Dr Samuel Victor Ekom, Dr Onoja Yunisa, and Dr Felicia Patrick. The termination is due to breach of the agreement.

At no point has “Zion Theological College and Seminary” ever been authorized to incorporate a foundation in Nigeria using the name of the University or to contract with third parties with regard to this matter. Any such action is null and void so far as the University is concerned and the public is warned to avoid any unauthorized offers that may be made involving the University’s name.

A list of authorized International Partners of the University may be found at this page. The University makes it further known that it has never been incorporated or established in any way in Nigeria and would under no circumstances take the step of incorporation or establishment there unless and until it had obtained the necessary licensure from the relevant government authorities.

20th anniversary of the University – new grant of arms

2023 sees the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the University. As part of the University’s commemoration of its first two decades, it has been granted a new coat of arms by the International College of Arms of the Noblesse. The University’s twentieth anniversary logo which incorporates the new arms will appear on degree certificates and other University publications commencing in June 2023.

Per pale the first barry wavy of 7 bleu celeste and purpure in fess a hart lodged contourné or the second azure three scimitars in pale proper pommelled and hilted or points to the dexter and cutting edge upwards in chief a Saxon Crown of the last.

In addition to the logo above which is applicable to the University as a whole, specific versions have been approved in respect of the representation of the University’s Fellowship and its Henderson School of Music.

The new arms make reference to the arms of the former county of Middlesex in England, which was the birthplace of its founding Chancellor. Its three seaxes (which are usually rendered as scimitars) are reversed for difference in the University’s new arms.

The existing arms of the University remain valid and will continue to be used alongside the new arms going forward. They will be used to represent the University’s constituent branches in different countries while the twentieth anniversary arms will be used to represent the University as a whole.