20th anniversary of the University – new grant of arms

2023 sees the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the University. As part of the University’s commemoration of its first two decades, it has been granted a new coat of arms by the International College of Arms of the Noblesse. The University’s twentieth anniversary logo which incorporates the new arms will appear on degree certificates and other University publications commencing in June 2023.

Per pale the first barry wavy of 7 bleu celeste and purpure in fess a hart lodged contourné or the second azure three scimitars in pale proper pommelled and hilted or points to the dexter and cutting edge upwards in chief a Saxon Crown of the last.

In addition to the logo above which is applicable to the University as a whole, specific versions have been approved in respect of the representation of the University’s Fellowship and its Henderson School of Music.

The new arms make reference to the arms of the former county of Middlesex in England, which was the birthplace of its founding Chancellor. Its three seaxes (which are usually rendered as scimitars) are reversed for difference in the University’s new arms.

The existing arms of the University remain valid and will continue to be used alongside the new arms going forward. They will be used to represent the University’s constituent branches in different countries while the twentieth anniversary arms will be used to represent the University as a whole.